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Disaster Ready Courses

I was fortunate to collaborate with the fine team at in creating an online learning portal for technical training that reaches over 80,000 humanitarian employees and volunteers. The courses were created for an international audience with a focus on evidence-based user design and best practices in instructional development.


1. Visual Styling

Our target audience are international humanitarians, with many speaking English as a second language. Collaborating with subject matter experts, we designed animations and graphics around widely recognized symbols to reinforce content. The designs were then integrated to be consistent with the existing Disaster Ready branding.

2. Design Objectives

These courses explore the functional logistics of relief and development operations in the field, usually remote areas. Building a course light enough to smoothly run older hardware with limited internet access was paramount to the end user experience.

3. Technology Outreach

Created as a flexible web module, the courses are also designed to be loaded onto small USB. This allows aid workers without internet to share this information to even the most remote communities. I am truely humbled to have worked with such a great organization that empowers its benefactors though education technologies.