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Health Net Videos

I collaborated with the team at Health Net to produce over 35 videos designed to educated its members about a variety of relevant topics, from how to use their online portal to work-life balance for employees. Adhering to branding and style guidelines, I worked to storyboard narratives, illustrate icons, and provided animation solutions across all their english and spanish videos.


1. Employee Assistance Program

The first batch of videos is designed to provide training to Health Net’s Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) clients. Utilizing a few techniques such as “parallaxing” and 3D rendering, the videos address frequently asked questions by members in concise and friendly videos.

2. Health Net 101

In 2016, Health Net asked again to create 16 videos to educate members about topics such as Making Your First Premium Payment, Renewing Your Coverage, and How to Set Up Your Online Account. Health Net provided the scripts and I formulated the visual storyboards and developed the videos (in both English and Spanish).